About Us


The RISConsulting Group LLC is a Boston-based consulting and advisory firm specializing in cutting-edge financial risk and capital management solutions for top-tier institutions worldwide. 

At RISConsulting, we understand that the problems and challenges you face are often too complex for traditional risk management markets and products. Our business is all about BRIDGING COMPLEXITY. We have a proven record in developing unique solutions to our clients' toughest and most urgent problems. We take pride in our ability to combine innovation and robust modeling to deliver effective results to clients worldwide. 

To date, RISConsulting has raised over $7 billion in risk transfer and financing capacity for its clients to cover total portfolio exposures of over $16 billion.

Our brand of research is quantitative and involves the development of large, robust, structural models of the risk in question. Given the complexity of the risk and the size of transactions involved, we have adopted an inclusive, transparent process in order to maximize market acceptance. 

Whether buying, selling, marking-to-market or reporting risk, time is often of the essence. As a result, our business is supported by an Internet platform that facilitates every aspect of the risk-management process for our client transactions. 

You can rely on RISConsulting to create solutions that define the cutting-edge.